A new way of telling stories in porno videos has been offered to filmmakers and video editors in form of 360 videos. However, to produce VR porno videos, producers need different types of equipment for editing 360 videos. If you are familiar with regular video editing, but find Virtual Reality editing difficult either on your phone or desktop, here is a list of top mobile phones and PC 360 video editors you can choose from.  

360 video has offered diverse ways for filmmakers and video editors to tell their story. Given the difference between the new medium and traditional 2D media, content creators need different tools for editing 360 videos. You might be familiar with regular video editing but are at a loss for 360 editing, either on your phone or desktop. We’ve compiled a list of mobile 360 video editors and PC software for you to choose from:

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You can also make more enquiries yourself about the software mentioned above, but they are the simplest and easy to use VR video editing software available for mobile and PC. They are also easy to download and install. Top producers of VR porno videos have also recommended some of this software. You don’t necessarily have to undergo any training. However, you can make use of YouTube to get videos if you feel like it.

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