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How to Choose the Best Explainer Video Company

Checking an explainer company portfolio is the best way to check the real quality of video production companies. To know how awesome the company’s explainer videos are you have to look at:

1)   The product processing

The time limit for final product delivery should be well within the range of your publishing deadline and if there is a planned time to have it altered if the need arises. The company you choose needs to be friendly and approachable. There needs to be level of comfort between both parties. So,  you communicate your expectation from the video and the company implements. You should look for the explainer video company that wants your involvement in the project. No one knows the product better than your company, so your participation is crucial.

The basic process is:

  1. You provide the script
  2. The company delivers the storyboard
  3. You approve the storyboard with your feedback and inputs
  4. The company produce the animation along with the desired voiceover and send for your approval
  5. You approve the animation with your feedback and inputs
  6. The company adds background music and sound effect and send for your approval
  7. You approve the finished video
  8. The company makes the video files available for you to download

Choose a company that understands your products. Different video production companies have different specialties. The company you opt for needs to be in line with the product you’re looking to market.

2)   The design of their products

The design is one of the most important factors to consider in the final design of the product. If the company has a portfolio of useful explainer videos, it is the obvious choice. If the video isn’t designed well, then all the efforts will go to waste. How much they charge per video and whether or not that cost fits in your budget.

3)   The story behind your products

The most vital needs of an animated marketing video are that it must generate a clear message, an engaging script and entertain. If the story is boring, you can lose potential clients. You have to check if the animated video of the company are easy to watch and make you have a great time.

4)   The quality and expertise of the company

Before picking the animated video production company that will do the job, make sure to check their portfolio and analyze it. It is imperative for you to produce a quality video to create impact.

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