How Best You Can Use an Explainer Video for Your Brand

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How Best You Can Use an Explainer Video for Your Brand

Explainer videos explain how best new to new users about your product or service, its uses and the best way it works in a short span. An explainer is the best way to attract your customers and to relate to them in a more personal way. In a Nielsen research done on online marketing, people spend 10 to 20 seconds on a site when they find it less

interesting. Therefore, it is important to make sure that there is something that will attract users to the website and make sure they spend more time on the website. Let us go through some of the many ways you can use an explainer video to increase the number of customers who visit your site.

Creative Script Writing

Coming up with a strong and relatable script for the video is one of the first major steps to make sure that your video is distinctively unique from your competitors. Having a high-quality video or a mediocre video won’t help in any way to improve the viewership of the video, the span of the video is mostly short therefore every information needs to be passed in the short time span. You can approach colleagues for ideas to incorporate into the script and a video expert to get expert advice. Ensure you choose the best character for the video and who will easily relate to the new visitors. Ensure that the script is practical and easy to relate and perceive.

Brief and On-Point

A good explainer video should be precise and brief since the normal lifespan of an explainer video is around 60 seconds to 90 seconds. Therefore, the video should be able to pass the required and anticipated information during this short period. Ensure the video is practical to the situation relayed in the video to create an impressive impression of the particular brand. Ensure the character is persuasive to lure and attract the attention of the potential customer.

Understand Target Audience

Every product or service being offered always has a target market which always varies to every brand. Knowing your targeted audience and relating to their situation is the best way to lure them to the products being offered. It is very rare to find a product that targets everyone. Therefore, identifying the targeted audience will make it easier even in picking the script and the character of the brand. It is always good to keep their interests in mind to make sure they are fascinated, and they have a positive feeling about the particular product.

Pick the Right Audio

They say music bring things to life, using the right audio will bring your video to life and make it worthwhile. Audio affects different people differently. Therefore the right audio is required to spark the right emotion of the user. Most people love the positive feeling, and research shows that most people love to relate to positive situations, therefore finding positive audio that will make sure viewers feel comfortable and at ease will ensure the viewers trust the brand.

Call-In action

After ensuring you have a good video that distinguishes you from your competitors, ensure that there is a follow-up button where they can subscribe to the website. This ensures you create a personal relationship between you and your customers and they have a sense of belonging to the brand. This will keep them updated with any new products or any changes that have occurred recently.

It obvious after watching something that is interesting, funny and cool on the internet you are compelled to show it to your friends. Therefore if you create a good video, it will be shared by the viewers. Ensure the video is something that is worth being shared.

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